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Ileana D’Cruz takes you to her favorite destination

Ileana D’Cruz loves pictures — not only featuring in them but also clicking them.The other thing she loves is traveling.Her favorite destination is Fiji, an island country in the South Pacific.

We went to Fiji recently and, oh my God, I miss that place so much!” she exclaims.Fiji was just so beautiful. The minute you go there, you feel like the stress is just being sucked out of you,” she shares.You just go ‘ahh’ as soon as you get there,” she sighs.

For me, very honestly, there are lots of beautiful places in the world but what actually makes it so much fun and much more enjoyable to experience is when the people are really nice,” Ileana tell us.If you go to a pretty place and if the people are not as welcoming or friendly ad warm, you don’t enjoy yourself much,” she adds.

Honestly with Fiji, there’s a whole tagline — ‘Where happiness finds you’. It literally feels that,” she says.Every time she goes there, she feels like she’s home. “They are always welcoming, they want to feed you, they are always singing. It’s the kind of place I’d be the most relaxed and happy.”

So what were the essentials she packs while she’s traveling? “See, it depends. I can talk about the usual stuff but you got to carry underwear!” she giggles.The essentials have to be a pair of sneaker and some sort of workout gear. I always carry a formal outfit and nice pair of heels that will work with it,” she says.If I am going to a place like Fiji, it’s the swimwear, sun screen, it’s your beach outfits of sarongs and coverups, lots of lovely sandals and yes, minimal makeup.”

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