Bhramayugam – Mammootty Ventures into Pan-Indian Horror

Exploring the Dark: Mammootty's Spine-Chilling Pan-Indian Horror Debut in Bhramayugam

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Mammootty plays an aged and scary negative character in Rahul Sadasivans Bramayugam cine home

The latest film starring Malayalam actor Mammootty, named Bhramayugam, has recently begun filming. Also released yesterday was the film’s official poster, with artwork by Rahul Sadashivan (who is most known for directing the horror film Bhuthakalam). The poster and the title have generated a lot of interest, building up anticipation among the target population. Director Rahul Sadashivan claims in the film’s commentary that the dark ages in Kerala provided the film’s inspiration for the high-budget horror elements. Several theories have been bandied about on the internet about Mammootty’s involvement in this film.

There are rumblings circulating that Mammootty will play the part of an elderly antagonist in this movie. Mammootty plays the part of the anti-hero in this film, following in the footsteps of his performances in the films vidheyan and Paleri Manikyam. Arjun Ashokan plays the role of the hero in an equal capacity. In addition to this, there are rumors going around that Mammootty will also be playing a spooky ghost figure in the film. Fans of Mammootty and others who enjoy watching movies in this genre from all over the world may look forward to a real treat with Rahul Sadashivan’s upcoming flick, Bharam Yuga.

The film is being produced by Chakraborty Ramachandra and Sashikanth under the banners of Night Shift Studios and Y Note Studios. This high-budget pan-Indian production will be released in the languages of Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, and Kannada in the beginning of the next year. Shehanad Jalal is in charge of the film’s cinematography, and TD Ramakrishnan is the writer. Christo Xavier is responsible for the film’s score, and Shafiq Muhammad Ali is the film’s editor. In addition to Siddharth Bharathan and Amalda Lis, this movie primarily takes place in Kochi and Ottapalam, both of which are in the state of Kerala.

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