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RDX wave that is currently sweeping Kerala

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RDX Movie Review Cine Home

RDX Movie Review – One of Malayalam movie fans’ most anticipated movies, RDX, debuted on theaters worldwide yesterday. RDX was a very tiny picture compared to other Onam movies, therefore despite great hopes prior to release, many were dubious about how much revenue the movie would bring in. While Dulquer Salmaan and Nivin Pauly are starting a box office battle, producer Sophia Paul deserves praise for having the courage to screen her maiden film Nahas Hidayat, starring young actors Shane Nigam, Anthony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav. The RDX wave that is currently sweeping Kerala is a result of their confidence in their own movies.

The story of three buddies named Robert, Donny, and Xavier is told in this movie, which was written by Shabazz Rasheed and Adarsh Sukumaran. These characters are played by Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav, respectively. Brothers Robert and Donnie exist. Their closest friend is Xavier. The trio aren’t bad at dashing about and taking punches when necessary because they are learning karate from Xavier’s father, Anthony, a karate master. But the issue they run into is altering their future. The events of these three people’s life before and after that are described by RDX.

This movie was directed by Nahas Hidayat, who didn’t hesitate for a first-timer. He has masterfully developed the visual language for this movie. Within minutes of the movie starting, the director has the audience emotionally invested in the character of Donnie, and Robert and Xavier quickly become a part of that connection. Later on, the film gives us the impression that Nahas is a director who has mastered his craft as he delivers nail-biting action, some hilarious gags, and a wonderfully heartwarming romantic track. Being able to maintain that level of excitement in the crowd for the entire movie is fantastic. The way he set up the poignant passages is also superb. The script’s creators deserve praise for including every entertaining element without going overboard or underachieving.

The performers’ performances are also the heart of the movie. The three competitors are Shane Nigam, Antony Varghese, and Neeraj Madhav. It is tough to determine who is leading because all three have performed their roles so admirably. As the renegade known as Robert, Shane Nigam once more demonstrates his skills. This actor stuns with his great energy and restrained portrayal in emotional sequences, and he excels not just in action but also in dancing, verbal delivery, and love scenes.

Within minutes of the movie starting, the audience is captivated by Antony Varghese’s Pepe’s Donny character. The audience applauds with each whack Antony makes. This movie demonstrates how well-liked Antony is among the young audience based on his demeanor and speaking. The reason this actor was successful was because he was able to convince the audience that Pepe should hit if he hits.

I now wish to discuss Neeraj Madhav. Neeraj gave a performance that was utterly startling. With his charisma on screen, this performer won the audience’s hearts. Additionally, the crowd was in awe of Neeraj’s performance in the karate action scenes. Xavier, played by Neeraj, has the air of an unbeatable character. Neeraj Madhav has demonstrated that he excels in big-screen roles in addition to his seamless and highly natural acting approach.

The best parts of this movie were the Anp-Varwa masters’ action sequences. The movie contains a staggering array of exciting battle sequences, including ones at carnivals, on boats, in colonies, towards the climax, and more. The background score by Sam CS and the visuals by Alex J Pulikal make it even more impressive. One of the reasons this movie progressed so quickly and kept the audience from getting bored even for a moment was Chaman Chacko’s adept editing. In addition to the fact that not one actor performed poorly, every actor who played a villain shocked. Babu Antony, Lal, Baiju, Mahima Nambiar, Aima Sebastian, and many other performers all played roles in this movie.

In a nutshell, RDX is an ultra-mass action entertainer who will excite, delight, and thrill the crowd. This movie is a breathtaking theatrical experience that should never be missed, entertaining both young and family audiences at the same time. RDX has emerged as the undisputed box office king this Onam, igniting the celebration and capping the action.

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