Kannur Squad Malayalam Movie Review

Kannur Squad: Unraveling Crime's Complex Web in the Heart of Kerala

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Kannur Squad Movie Review

Kannur Squad is a gripping crime drama that takes fans on an exciting journey through the world of law enforcement and criminal gangs. In his first movie as a director, Roby Varghese Raj put together a great group, led by the famous Mammootty. It’s a story about a dogged hunt, a moral gray area, and the complicated web of crime and justice.

How Well Characters Are Portrayed:

Mammootty’s performance as ASI George Martin is excellent and gives the character a lot of depth. But he isn’t the only one who does a great job. The whole ensemble group, including Rony David, Shabareesh Varma, and Azees Nedumangad, gives great performances. Each actor gives their roles different layers that make the audience care about what happens to them. The movie goes to great heights because of how well the actors work together.

Excellence in a director’s first film:

Roby Varghese is the director. In his first movie, Raj does a great job. He does a good job of matching the drama and emotional depth of the story’s plot. The story moves at just the right speed, keeping the viewers interested the whole time. The whole movie shows how well Raj can keep tension and excitement going.

Score Music That Adds to the Thrills:

The music score for Sushin Shyam gets special attention. It fits perfectly with the tension and action scenes, making the whole thing more powerful. The background music, in particular, does a great job of building stress at key points and making an impact that lasts.

Visual brilliance in movies:

Mohammad Rahil did a great job with the camera work. The beautiful scenery of Kerala’s Kannur area is caught with skill, making the experience more real. Aerial shots give the story more depth and make the audience feel like they are really in the world of the movie.



Design of the production and special effects:

The set design is a big part of how real the movie feels. Sets and places are carefully made, which makes them look real. Special effects don’t take over action scenes, but they make them more realistic and exciting.

Editing that flows smoothly and a well-paced story:

The writing is smooth, which makes it easy for the story to move. There is a clear sense of urgency and forward motion, which keeps the story interesting. The story moves at a good pace, so the audience stays interested in what’s happening.

Conversations that Hit Home:

The lines, which were written by Muhammed Shafi and Rony David and are clear and powerful, look at the moral issues at the heart of the movie. They make people think and add to the story’s depth, leading to deep conversations with the audience.

Themes that make you feel something and make you think:

Kannur Squad is more than just a crime story; it makes people feel things and makes them think about how complicated justice and morals are. It blurs the line between right and wrong, which makes people think about it for a long time.

Conclusion: This crime thriller is a must-see:

In the end, Kannur Squad is an exciting crime movie with great acting, a story that makes you think, and brilliant technical work. The film has a lot of weight because of Mammootty’s acting and the rest of the great group. Roby Varghese Raj’s first film is a good one, and the film’s technical aspects, such as its photography, music, and cutting, add to its total quality. Kannur Squad is more than just a crime drama; it’s a dramatic trip that covers the depths of justice, morals, and the never-ending search for the truth. It’s a must-see for anyone looking for a crime story that doesn’t just thrill but also makes you think and feel.

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