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Gadar 2 Movie: Sunny Deol's Return and Utkarsh Sharma's Rise

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Gadar Movie Review CIne Home

Gadar 2 Movie Review – As the words ‘Gadar 2’ appear on the large screen, and you are not captivated by Om Puri’s commanding yet soothing voice, you question the wisdom of your decision to attend the film’s premiere. As soon as Sunny Deol graces the big screen, it becomes evident that enduring the wait was truly worthwhile. Step by step, you are immersed into the joyful world of Tara Singh, Sakina (portrayed by Ameesha Patel), and their son Jeetey (played by Utkarsh Sharma, the son of director Anil Sharma). In an instant, a wave of nostalgia washes over you, transporting you back to the year 2001. The resounding cheers and enthusiastic hoots of the audience fill the air, creating an electrifying atmosphere.
The sequel to ‘Gadar’, titled ‘Gadar 2’, continues the story from where it was left off by the makers in 2001. That decision is indeed a smart and strategic move. A sequel to a story, created 22 years later, would face a challenging situation if the adult character, Jeetey, used a mobile phone and communicated with his parents using modern slang. Tara Singh, portrayed by Sunny Deol, has built a loving home with his beloved Sakina. His affection for her grows stronger with each passing day. Their son is a college student who has a deep affection for his father, which leads him on various adventures (albeit not in the conventional sense).

The makers of ‘Gadar 2’ have successfully accomplished one important aspect among many others. From the very beginning, they cleverly tapped into nostalgia. As you gaze upon the snapshots from the 2001 film, you are transported back to a simpler time. The images serve as a poignant reminder of how uncomplicated the world once was. In a time before terms like ‘ghosting’, ‘breadcrumbing’, and ‘gaslighting’ existed, the experience of pure love and relationships felt truly genuine. This is how you begin to establish a connection with the movie. The film “Gadar” sparked debates on sexism with dialogues like ‘biwi se kaam karwaungi’, but the makers of the film have chosen to avoid controversies this time and instead focused on the continuation of the story.
Tara Singh, portrayed by Sunny Deol, has always been a patriotic individual, devoted to his country. This unwavering love for his nation remains unchanged even today. Despite living a small and cozy life in India, he continues to face a formidable adversary in Pakistan, portrayed by Manish Wadhwa as Hamid Iqbal. At the age of 65, Sunny continues to defy his age with his upcoming film ‘Gadar 2’. He continues to exude the same vibrant energy, confident swagger, and iconic ‘ayee’ scream that commands attention from all around. Tara Singh is a renowned icon, and Sunny once again showcases his exceptional acting skills, reaffirming his talent.
In the sequel of ‘Gadar’, Ameesha Patel’s character, Sakina, has a limited presence throughout the film, unlike in the original where she played a prominent role. This story delves into the profound bond between a father and son, highlighting their deep love for one another. Ameesha faced severe online criticism for wearing blue lenses in the reprised version of the song ‘Udd Jaa Kaale Kaava’. However, to understand the reason behind this choice, one must watch ‘Gadar 2’, as it sheds light on the decision made by the filmmakers. Do you recall the captivating blue eyes she possessed in the initial segment? Although it may not have appeared effortless for her this time, it is fair to say that the actress successfully brought back her raw innocence and emotional vulnerability. However, it would have been preferable if the filmmakers had incorporated more of her character into the film, rather than solely focusing on her extravagant jewelry and beautifully designed salwar suits. Credit must be given to her for stepping up and carrying on Sakina’s legacy with great skill and dedication.
Utkarsh Sharma began his acting career as a child actor in the film “Gadar” in 2001, directed by his father Anil Sharma. He portrayed the character of Chiranjeet Singh, also known as Jeetey. He now portrays an enhanced iteration of the same character in the sequel. Utkarsh delivered an outstanding performance, truly making the film his own, alongside the beloved Tara. Working alongside a formidable talent like Sunny Deol can be quite challenging, as it requires a great deal of skill and effort. Although Utkarsh may not have stood out, his on-screen presence was truly captivating. Although there is room for improvement in his dialogue delivery, he excelled in his action sequences with professional precision.

Manish Wadhwa portrays Hamid Iqbal, the Army Commander of Pakistan and the main antagonist in the story. The character’s portrayal evokes strong emotions towards India and its people, leaving a bitter taste. However, it is a testament to the actor’s skill that the audience cannot help but despise the antagonist. With his immense artistic prowess, ‘Gadar 2’ and Tara Singh found themselves facing a formidable adversary. Simrat Kaur, the talented actress portraying the character of Muskaan in the film, captivates viewers with her beauty and exceptional performance. In the film, she delivers a captivating performance with limited yet impactful scenes, leaving us thoroughly satisfied. The film’s nostalgic elements are among its key highlights, evoking a sense of sentimentality. Gul Khan makes a comeback, accompanied by his wife, Dolly Bindra! It is incredibly enjoyable to witness her portrayal of herself in the movie!
There are only a few drawbacks to the film, including Ameesha’s limited screen time and the diminished focus on the love angle, which were the standout features of the first installment. Additionally, the excessive dramatization of certain scenes and an abundance of songs. However, there is little to complain about because the film you are watching is a quintessential Bollywood popcorn masala entertainer. Towards the end, the action scenes felt prolonged and there was a moment where you wished for the antagonist’s demise, only to be left waiting for it to happen.

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