Hi Nanna: Hridayame Lyrical Video

Hi Nanna : Hridayame - A Heartfelt Melody

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Hi Nanna Hridayame Lyrical Video - Cine Home
The highly anticipated movie ‘Hi Nanna’ starring Nani and Mrinal Thakur has released its first song titled ‘Hridayame’. This melodious track has been eagerly awaited by fans and is sure to captivate audiences with its beautiful composition and heartfelt lyrics.
Mohan Cherukuri and Dr. Vaira Entertainments collaborate under their banner. The highly anticipated debut film ‘Hi Nanna’, directed by Shauryav and produced by Vijender Reddy Teegala, has released its first song. This big budget production has generated a lot of excitement among fans. The enchanting melody of ‘Hridayame’ is destined to captivate the hearts of lovers. Hisham Abdul Wahab has skillfully composed the music to accompany the heartfelt lyrics penned by Ananta Sriram. The film is ready for a nationwide release in India and focuses on the bond between a father and daughter.
Anantha Sriram’s exceptional work captivates the audience, drawing their attention away from the mesmerizing tune and towards the compelling lyrics. The lyrical video showcases captivating images of Nani and Mrinal Thakur, portraying their remarkable on-screen chemistry.
The film titled ‘Hi Nanna’ in Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada is known as ‘Hi Papa’ in Hindi. Prepare to be captivated by a delightful and engaging full-length family entertainer that is guaranteed to leave the audience thoroughly entertained. The film is crafted to resonate with audiences of diverse languages, fostering a universal connection.
Nani’s upcoming film will showcase him in a unique and distinct appearance. The release date for the film has been officially announced by the makers, and it is set to hit theaters on December 21. The nanny arrives just in time for the Christmas holidays, ready to bring joy and entertainment to the household. The film includes both seasoned technicians and fresh talent, contributing to a diverse team of professionals. Sanu John Varghese is responsible for operating the camera. Hisham Abdul Wahab, a talented music director, is currently making waves in the South Indian cinema industry. Following his successful work in the film Hridiya, he has taken on the role of directing the music for various projects. The editor for the project is Praveen Antony, while Avinash Kolla is the production designer. EVV Satish serves as the executive producer, and Sabari is the PRO.

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