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Jailer Movie: Rajinikanth's Epic Comeback Performance

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JailerMovie Review Cine Home

Jailer Movie Review – No other Rajinikanth movie in recent memory has received the kind of expectation and welcome that Jailer, the big-budget comedy, received today. Despite the success of Kolama Kokila and Doctor, the public had low hopes for director Nelson and actor Rajinikanth, who had avoided the Vijays in recent years after Vijay’s Beast received negative reviews. But as famous names like Mohanlal, Shivaraj Kumar, Jackie Shroff, and others were introduced, the anticipation for the movie began to grow. Finally, Jailer quickly rose to the top of Rajinikanth’s most anticipated movies list as a result of the great success of the Anirudh songs.

The question of whether the movie lived up to such lofty expectations is the answer. To be completely honest, Jailer is the first Rajinikanth movie in a very long time to thrill and gratify the audience. Rajinikanth truly lets loose as Tiger Muthuvel Pandian in the movie Jailer. Nelson receives the most praise for Rajinikanth’s character development and age-appropriate appearance. With great interest and excitement, Nelson has brought the tale of a father’s retaliation against his police officer son to the attention of the audience.

The screenplay’s highlights include Nelson’s unique humour and Thalaivar’s breathtaking action sequences, which are filled with entertaining features that appeal to a wide range of people. The film also benefited from Rajinikanth’s unique brand of punch dialogues, which always provide thrills. For yet another reason, Nelson easily wins for a technically superior movie. The wonderful comedic scenes from the first half were performed by Nelson, who also gave the interlude’s mass punch that shook the audience. Both the fans and the fans enjoy Rajinikanth’s discourse in the post-intermission jail scene.

Nelson has given the characters a star-worthy portrayal while casting Mohanlal, one of South India’s biggest actors, and Kannada legend Siva Rajkumar in guest appearances. Jailer ended up being a star-studded event in real terms since the filmmaker provided his followers opportunities to applaud. The film’s core is its writing, which includes both humorous and dramatic scenes. The music performed by Anirudh and the scene in which Mohanlal appears as Mathew actually rocked the theatre. Similar to this, you can feel the energy in the theatre when Mohanlal shows up in the dramatic finale. Nelson is teaching a lot of people the finest ways to portray a superstar from a different field.

The heart of this movie is the suspenseful background score by Anirudh Ravichander. Fans enjoy the background music as much as his songs, which electrify theaters. Rajinikanth’s swagger is elevated by Tiger Ka Hook and the soundtrack. In a similar vein, Vinayakan, who played the bad guy, put up a performance that deserves praise. Vinayaka will undoubtedly become a popular villain in Tamil thanks to the film, which also stars Ramya Krishnan, Jackie Shroff, Yogi Babu, Vasanth Ravi, and Sunil.

While Vijay Karthik Kannan’s camera provided us with stunning pictures, R Nirmal once again shown his editing skills. The excellent editing of this film, which is over two and a half hours long, ensures that the beginning and end flow smoothly. Jailer is a pure example of a mass entertainer because it provides the audience with everything they could possibly want from a Rajinikanth movie. This Rajinikanth movie might also be characterized as one that can be bravely purchased after a while. It is such a rare and unpleasant time to see Mohanlal and Rajinikanth on-screen together in Jailer. It is even uncertain whether they would work together again.

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