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Theeppori Benny : The Countdown Begins

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Theeppori Benny Official Trailer Cine Home

Theeppori Benny  – Get ready for an intriguing cinematic journey as we present the official trailer of “Theeppori Benny.” This film is set to explore the complexities of life in the backdrop of a rural farming village, where politics and ideologies collide. With a talented cast and a seasoned crew, “Theeppori Benny” promises to be a captivating cinematic experience.


The movie features a stellar cast, including:

  • Arjun Ashokan, who leads as Benny, navigating the clash of politics and personal choices.
  • Jagadish, showcasing his seasoned acting skills as Benny’s father, Vattakuttail Chettai.
  • Femina George, renowned for her role in “Minnal Murali,” taking on the role of the film’s heroine.
  • Shaju Sreedhar, a prominent presence, delivering comedy throughout the movie.
  • Raffi, adding depth to the ensemble as Benny’s friend.


“Theeppori Benny” delves into the intricate life of Benny, torn between his father’s passionate political stance and the influence of a left-wing figure in his farming village. The film promises a unique exploration of personal dilemmas set against the backdrop of political and ideological tensions.


Behind the scenes, “Theeppori Benny” boasts a talented crew:

  • Written and Directed: Joji Thomas, known for his contributions to blockbuster films like “Vellimoonga” and “Johnny Johnny Yes Appa.”
  • Co-Director: Rajesh Mohan, associated with “Vellimoonga.”
  • Cinematography: Ajay Francis George.
  • Music: Srirag Saji.
  • Editor: Suraj ES.
  • Lyrics: Vinayak Sasikumar.
  • Production Design: Mithun Chalissery.
  • Costume Design: Femina Jabbar.
  • Sound Design: Ajit A George.
  • Stunt Coordinator: Mafia Shashi.
  • Makeup: Manoj Kiranraj.

Production Details:

“Theeppori Benny” is produced by Shebin Bakkar under the banner of Shebin Bakkar Productions, with co-producers Ruwais Shebin, Shibu Becker, and Faisal Becker. The film is a collaborative effort of talented individuals in various departments, promising an enriching cinematic experience.

Marketing and Promotion:

  • PRO: Heinz & P Sivaprasad.
  • Design: Yellow Teeth.
  • Marketing: Snakeplant.

Stay tuned for updates on “Theeppori Benny,” a film that aims to challenge conventions and offer a thought-provoking narrative.

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